Rainbow Lofts

My name is Andrew Demidowski and I am the owner of Rainbow Lofts and partner of Aussie Pigeon Sales located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Like most pigeon men I caught the 'pigeon bug' when I was in Primary School and only kept them for about 10 years before I had to concentrate on my University studies.

It was only until I reached my early 40's that I could once again pick up my beloved sport and I have been in love with my pigeons ever since. Over the years I have attended many pigeon auctions, and like most flyers tried many families of pigeons with varied results. I use to buy a bird or two and sneak them into my loft under the cover of darkness much to the amusement of my wife. I have bought and tried many pigeons and over this journey have worked out that quality is the first step to success. This is the reason I have developed the Aussie Pigeon Sales site so that flyers can easily access some of the best birds in the country to improve their own performance.

Since I was not able to fly competitively due to work commitments one year my good friend Nick  Lakiotis flew a team of Gabby Vandenabeeles  for me with amazing results. With only a handful of hens he was able to achieve high federation results against 1000's of pigeons and some of the best flyers in Victoria. For this reason I have kept the Gabbys as the backbone of my stock loft.

Since that time I have introduced a few Hereman  Cuesters and noted that they are super fast as they come home first from the group tosses by several minutes and have achieved fantastic  results  throughout the country for many flyers. For this reason I will be racing these birds both pure and crossed with the Gabbys in the next few years.

I am also keeping a handful of Red Fox Janssens, Vanloons and Dangerfields  in my stock loft to compare the results.

To ensure that I can guarantee parentage of all birds sold I have built single pens to keep the families pure. In the years to come I do not intend to keep too many stock birds as I only want to breed for performance.